All rights and Credits by Christoph Eisenmenger
All rights and Credits by Christoph Eisenmenger

DIN Martin was founded during a foggy night in Leipzig in 2010.

The four musicians, coming from different musical backgrounds, find a way through landscapes filled with post rock-, shoegaze- and electronic sounds. Catchy pop melodies blend in seamlessly into self-created melodic walls of sound. The musicians capture this current trend and transform it into their own unique sound.
Since they started the band played 3 European tours and released 2 EPs (2010, 2013) and one full length album called „The Second Before You Faint“ (2012). A video for their single „Before You Faint“ was shot in Bristol, UK and premiered on German TV station „ZDF Kultur“.
So far the band has played over 80 concerts, in 5 different countries alongside acts like The Telescopes, Immanu El, EF, White Hills, MF/MB and The Fauns.

DIN Martin – Before You Faint from Wanderlust Films on Vimeo.