They sat together in Leipzig's “Café Cantona” and scribbled band names on beer mats. At some point Martin, Ole and Martin agreed on DIN Martin. A little later they found Carsten, the perfect man on bass and a home in the infamous “Westwerk” in Leipzig. That was in 2010 - 10 years ago. Insane!

Since their last release in 2016 (EP "Falling Apart") things became quiet around the band. Several releases and concert tours in Germany and other European countries left them searching for a new direction, the answer to a question every band encounters at some point – What next? Everyday life had become more and more important, almost overnight. Most recently a brain tumor changed everything in frontman Martin Hommel’s life, at least temporarily. Fast forward to 2020 - the band went back and forth on whether or not to celebrate their 10th birthday. Considering that gigs aren’t necessarily the first choice of celebration this year. Also, the strange feeling of celebrating a birthday, even though they hadn’t put out any new music in the past four years, occurred to them. But in the end – why the hell not? "Hooray" is the name of the single that now accompanies this striking date with music and at the same time celebrates Martin's recovery from this serious illness. “Hooray” is a song that, taken on a larger level, definitely makes sense in a year full of madness and uncertainty. It is an invitation and an offer, talking and listening at the same time and, despite the loyal, gloomy DIN Martin sound, radiates hope for better times. A hooray into the pain!




We’ve been teasing you for a while (I know!), but here we go for real now. We are releasing a new Single called „Hooray“ on the 27th November along with a video. The song will not only mark our 10th birthday as a band but also celebrate Martin’s recovery from a serious illness. Fear not though, it won’t be as cheery as the title might suggest - we are still the same grumpy dudes as always. More on all of the background stories very soon. Will be posting snippets and stuff over on Instagram. Feel free to follow us on there so you won't miss out on all the fun (pics of grumpy dudes).
We are really excited to share something new with you! Til then, stay safe everyone x






-no upcoming events-

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12.02. Leipzig- Spelunke
19.02. Leipzig- Ohrakel Records
26.02. Leipzig- Elipamanoke
05.03. Leipzig- UT Connewitz/ Klanggut Festival w/ Diego
16.03. Copenhagen (DK) – Drone w/ The Fauns, The Telescopes
18.03. Hamburg- Jupibar
19.03. Kiel – Secret Show
22.03. Leicester (UK) – Lock 42 w/ The Hordes
23.03. Bristol (UK) – The Croft w/ Attack Horse
25.03. Bristol (UK) – Mothers Ruin w/ Idles
15.04. Leipzig - Secret Gig
30.04. Leipzig - EEG w/Late Night Venture
10.06. Leipzig - Des Geigers Rätsel w/ VANDA
26.08. Hamburg - Gängeviertel
03.09. Döbeln - Café Courage 
14.10. Leipzig - EEG w/ Kwoon
16.10. Rostock - MS Stubnitz w/ Kwoon
02.12. Chemnitz - Beta Bar
18.12. ZDF Kultur "Bauerfeind" - TV Appearance 
19.12. Jena - Cafe Wagner w/ Immanu El

11.01. 3Sat "Bauerfeind" - TV Appearance (rerun)
01.02. Berlin - Schokoladen
05.02. Jena - Cafe Wagner w/ Shaking Sensations
05.02. ZDF Kultur - "Bauerfeind" Video Premiere 'Before You Faint' on national german TV
06.02. 3Sat - "Bauerfeind" Video Premiere 'Before You Faint' on national german TV(rerun)
12.02. Leipzig - Spelunke
25.02. Leipzig - UT Connewitz/ Klanggut Festival w/ Talking to Turtles, I Heart Sharks
09.03. Copenhagen - Kraftwerket
10.03. Flensburg - Hummels Eck
12.03. Strasbourg - Mudd Club
14.03. Offenbach - Hafen 2 w/ Dangerous Person?
19.03. Bristol - The Croft w/ Thought Forms + White Hills
20.03. Leicester - Firebug w/ Ratpusound
21.03. Glasgow - The Box
22.03. Sheffield - South Sea
23.03. London - Proud Camden
08.04. Radio Fritz (Berlin) - Radio Appearance
07.07. Leipzig - Westbesuch/ Cafe Albert
07.07. Leipzig - UT Connewitz / Twin Festival
10.08. Striegistal - La Libertad Festival
27.09. ByteFM Radioconcert + Interview
08.10. Berlin - White Trash (presented by ByteFM)
13.10. Leipzig - Noch Besser Leben (presented by ByteFM)
14.10. Münster - Baracke w/ Racquets (presented by ByteFM)
26.10. Döbeln - Cafe Courage w/ Amanda Rogers (presented by ByteFM)
27.10. Chemnitz - Aaltra (presented by ByteFM)
01.12. Bernburg - Hotel Wien (presented by ByteFM)
19.12. Berlin - Schokoladen w/ Dangerous Person? (presented by ByteFM)

26.01. Leipzig - Moritzbastei w/ Cosmo Jarvis
16.03. Leipzig - Musikhaus Kietz
20.03. Berlin - Dazzle Dance Club w/ Dangerous Person?
23.03. London - The GoodShip
24.03. Leicester - Soundhouse
25.03. Bristol - The Croft w/ She Makes War
28.03. Leipzig - Moritzbastei w/ MF/MB/
13.04. Jena - BandPrivat (Haus auf der Mauer)
22.07. Leipzig - Westbesuch
28.07. Lärz - Fusion Festival
13.11. Leipzig - Spelunke
15.10. Dresden - Scheune w/ EF
02.11. Leipzig - Moritzbastei / Record Release w/ Claim
06.11. Berlin - Schokoladen
07.11. Hamburg - Astra Stube w/ This Love Is Deadly
08.11. Bernburg - Hotel Wien w/ Game Ove & die Spielfiguren
09.11. Halle - Hühnermanhatten
15.11. Chemnitz - Aaltra
16.11. Merseburg - Domstraße 2

02.03. Radio Fritz live performance
04.03. Berlin - About Blank/ Popmonitor w/ The Dope
11.04. Leipzig - Westpol (Stratoflage Vernissage)
24.04. Nürnberg - Kulturkellerei/ K4
26.07. Auerworld Festival


14.02. Leipzig - Noch Besser Leben
03.07. Halle - Hühnermanhattan
04.07. Leipzig - Spelunke
29.12. Hannover - Café Glocksee

09.01.16 - Tangermünde - MS Präsident
10.03.16 - Hamburg - Astra Stube